Bridal Bouquet Alternatives

I love flower bouquets. I like them big and small, but I always like them tightly packed and super dense. That’s just my style. Some people prefer flower bouquets that spray; some like more of the wildflower look, or the single flower. And, some people don’t want to carry a traditional flower bouquet at all on their wedding day. If that’s you, then this blog’s for you! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite alternatives to carry while walking down the aisle. and some are super cute – and super affordable, which—let’s face it—is kind of a priority in 2020. #covidsucks

Here are our favorites:



two spoons photography

I LOVE these! So whimsical and fun. And you can make each one custom for each bridesmaid. All of your maids are unique, which is why you love them. Have a floral bridal purse made to reflect each of their inidividual personalities! You still get the flowers, but they are presented in such a sweet way! And you maids will love that you thought about how to make each reflect them!



Not only are balloons the cutest photo op, they are also a fun, colorful, and affordable prop with which you can walk down the aisle to your forever. This is definitely for the fun and silly bride (see above—love her!)



Again, on the affordable train, we love this simple HUGE flower for everyone in your wedding party. Oh the pictures! This would be so fun. And it could also be super cute if everyone carried a different color?



I love these. But they are definitely not cheap. They aren’t crazy expensive, but they do take time. You can hire someone to make you a fabulous brooch bouquet on a site like, or there are a ton of how-to videos online to help you create your own!



michelle boyd photography

These are such a perfect choice for a wedding that takes place at dusk. I think it would just be so pretty watching everyone come down the aisle with these twinkling. And not to sound like an alarmist, but I’d probably bite the bullet and get those sweet pillar candles with the fake flickering “flame;” you know, just to be sure no one catches on fire. #worrywart



Also for the very whimsical bride are these pinwheels! Not only am I loving the pinwheels, but did anyone notice the shoe situation here? So adorable! OMG, if it’s a breezy day and you’re getting married outside, you must have these!



So simple. So great. I like how you can dress these up or down. I’ve seen these in all sorts of colors to add in some color pops. But I am really liking these black, white, and grey ones here. It’s crazy how sophisticated these felt pom poms actually look! Also, #hernailstho



Yes, this is a thing. Many couples have opted to carry rescue puppies in an effort to remind people that there are so many great pets waiting to be adopted out there! The goal, of course, is to get some of these babies adopted by wedding guests. And guess, what? It almost always works that at least one or two get adopted. I mean, what if EVERY bride did this? #rescuedogs #adoptdontshop



So, you guys know I married a musician. These would have been so fun. Ugh. I promise you, there were no good ideas when I got married 20 years ago! The internet was barely a thing! I love these with the flowers and ribbons. Perfect. Just keep them away from these girls after a few drinks…😉



Wreaths have become so popular as an alternative to traditional bouquets. Many couples love how their circular shape represents unity, strength, and infinity, just like the rings they exchange.



robin proctor photography

For a winter wedding, these are SO cute. And then with the Sorel boots? Stop. It. Now I want a redo in the winter…


So what do you think? Are you still going to do a traditional floral bouquet or snag one of these fun ideas? As always, you do you and have fun!

Happy Wedding Planning!



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