10 Fun ways to top your wedding cake

Let’s talk about cake, shall we? You guys already know about my dessert obsession. But what you may not know is that I love a beautiful and adorable dessert for its looks as much as its taste. I mean, don’t get me wrong, once I admire it, I’m gonna inhale it! But that is part of what makes the cake selection process so fun. At first, you probably don’t realize that there are actually a few factors you really need to consider for your cake: there’s the flavor, the size, and then the design. So once you decide how big, and you’ve had your cake tasting (*favorite part), part of the design decision is whether or not to have a cake topper. Luckily there is no right or wrong choice on this. If you want to keep it simple and streamlined, then you may choose to have no cake topper. But do know that you can still keep your cake simple with a cake topper as well!

Here’s the thing about the cake topper: it’s like adding a little accessory to your cake. Kind of like finding the perfect pair of earrings for an outfit, or that sparkling belt that finishes off your wedding gown. And what we love most about cake toppers is that they are SO personal! This is a great way to express something about the two of you, or tie in the wedding theme you’ve worked so hard to craft. The sky really is the limit when it comes to what you want to put on your cake! Let’s take a look at some of our favorites!


1. His + Her Donuts

two donuts dressed as bride and groom on top of one tier white wedding cake

I mean, you had to know this was the one I was gonna put first. My donut-obsessed self couldn’t have it any other way! But seriously though, if you love donuts as much as I do, this might literally be the most appropriate cake topper. And then they went and dressed them up like a bride and groom. 👈🏼 They dressed them up like a bride and groom. What the Hell else do you say after that?  ✋🏼 🎤


2. Cacti

white wedding cake with pink flower accent and cactus wedding toppers dressed as bride and groom

Along the same line of dressing up an inanimate object as bride and groom…this. You guys!!!! These are like the Bert and Ernie of cacti too! The tall oblong one and the short round one? I. can. not. Also, do you guys even know who Bert & Ernie are? #sesamestreet #datingmyself


3. Bunting

white two tier wedding cake with just married bunting cake topper

Definition: Bunting. noun. A festive decoration made of fabric, or of plastic, paper or even cardboard in imitation of fabric. Typical forms of bunting are strings of colorful triangular flags and lengths of fabric draped into swags or pleated into fan shapes. I put that here because I didn’t know that this décor was called that. I’m a big fan of learning new things, and in case you are too, I wanted you to know! #neverstoplearning  Anyway, this is such a darling way to keep it simple and sweet. it reminds me of the old signs they used to put on cars with all the cans dragging behind. So quaint.


4. Paper Cut-Outs

bride groom and their dogs made out of cardboard for wedding cake topper

This is such a great way to not only represent the two of you, but your adorable fur babies as well! So many people incorporate their animals into their weddings and this is just another way to pay homage to your first babies! Also, can we just talk about the detail in her bouquet? Amazing.


5. Laser-cut Name

simple laser cut metal sign that reads the clarks for wedding topper

Laser cut metal and wood name toppers have become so popular. What a better way to celebrate your merging of two into one than with a shout out to your new last name – together. And I love how absolutely simple this one is. The font is so easy. It takes nothing away from the cake itself. Perfection.


6. Starfish in Adirondack chairs

two starfish sitting in beach chairs on top of peach and white three tier wedding cake

Talk about the perfect representation of a beach wedding. If you are getting married on the beach, this is an adorable way to reflect that with your cake topper. I’m sure we could write an entire post on just beach-themed cake toppers, but this one really caught our eye! It just looks like those two cute starfish are reaching out holding hands, relaxing in their comfortable chairs, facing west, and watching the sun set. Does it get any better than that?


7. Puzzle Pieces

two puzzle pieces connecting as toppers on two tier white wedding cake

Well this is just plain sweet. This is an absolutely perfect way to represent your perfect fit with your new spouse. And so incredibly simple! And O.M.G. on this cake itself! That ruffled frosting? Pure art.


8. Polaroid Pictures

two polaroid pictures with bunting on two tier white wedding cake

Polaroid pictures are a fun way to add a throw back to your cake and represent yourselves at the same time. You can even get super clever like these two and position them so you are the kissing bride and groom! Love seeing what people come up with!


9. Pineapples

two pineapples as wedding cake toppers on white and gold wedding cake

Pineapples are considered an expression of “welcome” throughout the South and symbolize friendship, hospitality and warmth. What better way to show your guests how much you love and appreciate them – and each other – than this adorable symbol of all things love.


10. Flamingos

two kissing flamingos on top of simple three tier wedding cake

Ok Ok, I know I said the donuts were my favorite. And in theory, that’s true. But in sheer beauty, colors, simplicity, and whimsy, these take the cake (pun intended). Everything about this is so so so me. The colors, the feathery flamingos, those flowers, that absolutely simple, perfect white cake. If I were to get married again tomorrow, this would 💯 be my cake. Done. Finished. Final. My. Cake. People.


So…what are YOU going to do for your cake? Cake toppers or no? If yes, what? I NEED to know. Please take a picture and tag @grandrapidsbride on Insta!


Hope you great day that includes lots of cake. And ice cream. And, natch, donuts. #perfectday

Happy Wedding Planning!



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